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Tips to keep your dryer running properly

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Here are some tips to keep your dryer running properly. Do you know how long your dryer should last? According to consumer reports, the lifespan is 10 years. Keeping your dryer maintained properly can extend its life by 25 years. In the first five years of owning a dryer, however, 17 % of users experience problems. Handyman Broward County is a local company that offers expert handyman services and more.

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The hope is that we will be able to use our home appliances for a long time. Regularly repairing your dryer can be frustrating. You may even find it stressful if you've just bought a new dryer. With your dryer, it doesn't have to be this way. To keep your dryer in tip-top shape, read this article.

Make sure you follow the dryer maintenance manuals

You can read your dryer's manual to find out how to take care of it. In the manuals, you will find tips on how to install, maintain, and select the right load size. Manuals are ideal for training purposes if you are a first-time user of the dryer. Why are manuals so important?

• Your appliance is more likely to be applied correctly if you follow procedures.

• Maintains consistency in your device's care

• Ensures you are using your device to its full potential

• Troubleshoots questions and answers

• Provides maintenance and operation requirements for dryers

The company provides hard copies of manuals as well as online access. You can avoid damages or breakdowns for your drying machine by following the manual guides.

Don't overload your dryer

In most cases, dryers break because they are overloaded. A dryer's capacity varies from one to another. You should know how much your dryer can handle and how much it cannot handle. Overloading a dryer can be dangerous, so why should you avoid it?

• Lint builds up in the trap: The trap cannot breathe freely if there is a high level of lint.

• Burns out the dryer's motor: Overloading overworks the machine, which results in overheating.

• Spindle bearings, pulleys, and belts are damaged by this fluid

The dryer will also take longer to dry and will cost more to operate when it is overloaded. Don't overload your dryer to avoid explosions and breakages.

Make sure the drum and lint are thoroughly cleaned

Lint may still be present despite a dryer's lint trap. Dryers constantly accumulate lint. Over time, it can damage your dryer or even cause a fire. Cleaning the lint in a dryer is an essential part of dryer maintenance.

• Using a vacuum cleaner, clean the lint trap twice a year.

• Between the dryer's drum and its door, vacuum dry

• Clean out your house's external vents

It's admirable that you keep the lint trap as clean as you can. Keep it as clean as possible by inspecting it often. Make sure the drying machine is not overloaded. As a result, there is a high amount of lint produced.

Ventilation ducts need to be replaced

The vent ducts of dryers are usually made of aluminum or plastic. During the replacement of the vent ducts, the material ensures flexibility. Is there an additional charge for the ducts? Ducts are readily available and inexpensive. In addition, they are simple to install. They aren't safe to use, however, which is their biggest problem. Lightweight ducts are easily smashed, and plastic ducts can even melt. Dryers may be damaged by overheating due to issues such as these. Overheating can cause a fire to start. There are 15,970 home fires involving washing machines every year, according to research.

How do you avoid such liabilities? Metal ducts should be used instead of flexible ducts. These are signs that your ventilation ducts need to be replaced.

• In the event that the drying process takes longer and longer

• Too much heat from the dryer or the clothes

• There is a burning smell coming from the dryer

• As the vent flap tries to open, it strains

• Over a year has passed since the last replacement

Keep the ventilation ducts in good working order by replacing them regularly and inspecting them regularly. If you replace the ventilation duct and still have the above issues, you should have it repaired.

Keep the dryer stable during use

In the same way that washers can lose stability, dryers can also do so. Instability can result from inadequate load distribution. An unstable position can lead to some dryer parts failing if the dryer's application is often in an unstable position. Why? Instabilities in positioning result in uneven wear on the dryer. Solving the problem is easy. Exactly how? You can shake your dryer to ensure that the load is evenly distributed. In addition, place your dryer flat on the ground. Under the dryer, you can add support if you find it still unstable. Using the manual can also help you adjust the dryer for a more stable position.

The dryer isn't the place for everything

Fabric is the only material that can be dried by the dryers and no other material can be dried by them. Occasionally, people satiate their curiosity by putting things like wigs, purses, or toys inside. Don't let the trial and error game ruin your dryer. Dryers are only intended for drying fabrics. If the dryer is not in use keep its door closed.

Be sure not to leave your vent open

Cover the outside of the vent space with the screen instead of leaving it open. There is usually a lot of heat in the vent space. This makes it attractive to animals such as birds. Nests can be created in the space by birds during the winter season. The vent space of your dryer may be at risk if birds or rodents are present. The motor of the dryer overheats due to improper air circulation. It can also attract unwelcome roommates.

Cover the vent space with a screen to ensure proper dryer maintenance.

The dryer has made laundry processes faster and clothes more protected thanks to its fast drying times. There's no reason to hang laundry outside or to spend more money on another dryer.

Maintain your dryer by avoiding overloads, closing the vent space, and cleaning it regularly. Your dryer will last longer if you do this. Our team is here to assist you with any issues you may encounter with your dryer. For more information, please visit our website

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