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Home Automation

Home automation is a great convenience, it can save time, money, and effort.

Home automation (also known as smart home, or, internet of things) is actually connecting electric and electronic devices such as refrigerator, thermostat, water heater, speakers, and light, to name a few, to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop/desktop.

Home Automation | Broward County | Handyman Broward County

The smartphone, tablet, or laptop/desktop are now acting as a remote control that can control each and every of the electronics it is connected to. The control can be done from one room to another, or from hundreds of miles away (the connection is done through the internet.

For example, a person can turn off the sprinkler system remotely if there is an unexpectedly rain, or turn the lights on from the cell phone if coming home late. Automation a home is a great convenience, and it can save energy, money, and time.

Home automation can send alerts to the smart phone or computer to notify that there is a problem at home, this way a person can act immediately.

Home Automation | Broward County | Handyman Broward County


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